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July 13
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A cold demon with her claws digging into a goddess' warm flesh,
Whispers of memories from far away plaguing the mind.
Hate clashing with love,
Dark interlaced with light.
Imprisoned within her soul,
Trapped within her heart.
This demon without a face,
This girl without a name.
Blind foolish love,
Candle of lingering hope.
Limitless feelings of despair and happiness,
No escape from this chaos.
Wreath of roses atop satin hair,
Withering away petal by petal.
Tears of crimson agony staining pale cheeks,
Betray a smile for a neverending wish.
The demon smiles with broken deviance,
Enjoyment and guilt messily overlapping.
Shadows close in around the two,
Grabbing at them with cold, dead fingers.
"Come away with me," the demon speaks,
"To a world of darkness only we can share."
Poisoned by the demon's embrace,
The goddess can only smile.
"Take me away," she says.
"To a place where only we exist."
Swallowed by darkness,
Eaten alive by love.
This is based on Puella Magi Madoka Magica, my all-time favorite anime. It is about Akemi Homura and Kaname Madoka and the twisted and confusing relationship they share. (No spoilers because I want you to watch it to discover for yourself what I mean.)

It is inspired by the picture above (by スーパーメリリ).
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ScourgeXEveryoneOTP Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
i always really love your poems
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